02 December 2018

Why Winds Behinds The Willows is a must read for all Cricket Fans


Ranjan Mellawa, author of Winds Behind The WillowsEver since I saw a fully cassocked parish priest enthusiastically playing cricket in the church green in the mid-1960s, the game and I became inseparable. Later, from a passionate village cricketer in humble surroundings, I was able to traverse exotic lands in the world and had the astonishing good fortune to be present at virtually all epic moments in Sri Lanka’s cricket.

The spell as the secretary of Ragama CC, a first-class cricket club in Sri Lanka, from 1998 to 2005, gave me a real dose of Sri Lanka’s chaotic cricket administration.

Next to cricket, in a career spanning twenty-five years as a banker, I was privileged to hold senior positions at both commercial and merchant banking institutions. Sometimes, my MBA has proved useful in better understanding the mysteries of a game that none of us can completely unravel.

Fully convinced on bestselling author, C. L. R. James’ observation “What does he know of cricket who only cricket knows?”, I have personified that spirit in my book Winds Behind The Willows.

Winds Behind The Willows - Greater story than any scorecard

Winds Behind The Willows is a memoir of my life in love with cricket. A five-eventful-decade journey, covering all great moments of Sri Lankan cricket across eleven countries and uniquely through six World Cup finals.

With its fair share of thrills and spills that are not in the public domain, including some interesting encounters with famous cricketers, the book provides an insight into Sri Lanka’s pre-Test days, followed by a gripping, firsthand account of its troubled latter-day cricket administration.
I have also shared the rich life-lessons that I learnt and skills acquired, from the game's many alluring features, emphasising that cricket is a greater story than told by any scorecard. The book also describes the evolution my wife into that of a cricket widow, purely because of the joy it gave me as an avid fan.

Fans world over inspired me to write Winds Behind The Willows, and from a fan’s perspective, the book offers some useful suggestions on;

  • making the game more attractive,
  • adding value to enhance experiential fandom and
  • treating fans with greater respect and dignity.

464 pages, including 40 pages of photographs

Winds Behind The Willows is available from Amazon, plus many other retailers.

Find out more about my journey in this mini memoir.

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